Sunday, July 15, 2012

Utilizing Windows 7

Windows 7 features...take advantage of them!

Windows 7 has a lot to offer its users in the way of backup and restore, optimization and performance, and spyware protection. As a user why not take advantage of these awesome features?? People love to go out and purchase the next big thing and since Vista bombed, the birth of Windows 7 made many people very happy. Of course you have Windows 8 right around the corner. However the true Windows 7 user seems to be very loyal to it's Operating system.

So you are a Windows 7 enthusiast and want to make sure you are getting the full bang for your buck. As an IT you know how to optimize every feature and protect against the evils of the outside world but for everyday users that are NOT computer savvy this might be a challenge. A few suggestions are to take a course on it and get up to speed on the wonders of Windows 7. There are wonderful schools out there like Asher College that prepare their students for the challenging world of Information Technology. Another option is finding a talented IT to assist you or taking advantage of community services such as PC Clinic which is a free PC Repair clinic set up by Asher College to help aid in people who need help with the PC. 

Back it up or lose it forever!

Now lets talk about a few features Windows 7 has to offer. If you have important information like documents, music or special pictures of family and friends over the years then backup and restore is a great feature. The average user purchases a computer but never thinks that one day the hard drive will crash and that their world of memories are lost in a split second. Take the time to learn how to do a backup of your precious data or bring it down to PC Clinic located at Asher College on Thursdays with an external hard drive or flash drive and we'll back everything up for you. 

Don't be tricked by fakes. 

Another important feature to utilize that will help protect your computer from adware and spyware as you visit websites is Microsoft Security Essentials. Now the IMPORTANT thing to know is that there are many fake antivirus, malware, and spyware applications out there that get a hold of your computer and hold it hostage until you pay money to have the virus, malware, or spyware removed. The people who make these fake antivirus applications tell you that your PC is infected with fake viruses, when their application is actually the virus that prevents you from removing it. This is a terrible thing!! The worst part of it all is that it will go under the name for example Win 7 Anti-Spyware. This is NOT a Windows product but when users see the name they believe it will fix the issues they are having but in reality it's making it worse and they are paying money for it. NOT NICE AT ALL!! DON'T BE TRICKED BY FAKES!! Microsoft Security Essentials is a Windows antivirus that is free and helps protect your computer in real-time. 

With just a little information whether you are a novice or pro your Windows 7 experience can be filled with happiness and joy! 

MCTS Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications are designed to validate your skills on the features and functionality of Microsoft technologies. 

Microsoft MCITP EA credential is the leading certification for Windows Server 2008, providing widely recognized, objective validation of your ability to perform critical, current IT job roles by using Microsoft technologies to their best advantage.

For more information about an exciting career in Information Technology please contact Asher College!


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