Friday, November 30, 2012

Why get an Associates Degree?

Why is an Associates Degree important in the Information Technology industry? What are employers looking for? With the technology industry booming, college graduates with an Associates Degree will be top amongst job candidates employers will be looking at. Getting your IT Associates Degree from Asher College will put you ahead of other graduates who may only have industry certifications. Put your best foot forward and make your resume stand out! Not only will you earn those certifications from well known vendors such as CompTia, and Microsoft, you can also earn Associates Degrees  such as Computer Technician Associates Degree,  and IT Network Engineer Associates Degree. At Asher College, The IT Associate Degree programs will help you prepare for job roles like Computer and Network Technician, and It Network Engineer.

Asher College meets with employers on a quarterly basis to evaluate what it is they are looking for when choosing candidates. Having both your Information Technology certifications coupled with an Associates Degree versus a candidate who only has certifications or none, gives you a higher advantage of landing that job. At Asher College, we have a dedicated Career Services director who will work with you in ensuring you are prepared for that interview.

Why an Associates Degree versus a Bachelor's Degree? An Associates Degree is more recognized to employers because they involve more advanced technical training with hands on experience rather than more formal or traditional education. Which in the field of Information Technology, technical advances are constantly evolving.

To find out more about our career training programs and Information Technology Associates Degrees, visit contact us at Asher College.