Thursday, December 20, 2012

Through These Doors...

I’ve always liked doorways. There’s something about the idea that a door represents the transition from one place to another, from one state of being to another. I bring this up because I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the words that are painted above the doorway into the classroom at the San Jose Campus of Asher College.

“Through these doors you become employable.”

That certainly was the case for me. At this time last year, I was a student of Asher College, with high hopes for a new career in IT, but no real prospects.

Fast forward a year. Instead of a Asher College Student, I’m now an Asher College instructor. But its more than just the new job. It’s the changes. In a previous life, a few years ago, I was a happy trade show manager. But walking through the doors of Asher College (as it was then known) brought me to a different life and a different career.

I used to work surrounded by thousands of strangers on a trade show floor, none of whom I really wanted to meet. Now I look forward to reaching the campus every day. Every day, a student or co-worker says or does something that leaves me amazed, bemused, entertained, puzzled or a combination of all four. Life is interesting and fun again.

I get to work with people who make me laugh. I get to work with people who make me cry. I get to work with people who constantly amaze me with their brilliance, their charm, and their grace. Best of all, I get to work with people I care about. I get to work with people who are trying to better their lives and I get to play a major part in that.

Is it any wonder that my job satisfaction is through the roof? And to think, all I had to do was to walk through a pair of doors.


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